Kotobukiya’s Marisa Preview 2


More Prototype preview of “Kirisame Marisa” from Touhou Project by Kotobukiya.


More will be released tomorrow ^^

Via Kotoblog.


2 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s Marisa Preview 2”

  1. pus2meong Says:

    Are you serious!?

    With this, it mean ZUN no longer intend to let Touhou into Doujin world anymore! And it mean all Garage kit, well at least for Marisa Kirisame GK will become illegal then…?

  2. Veni Says:

    Considering people still make GK of “licensed” things already and the general nature of the doujin market in Japan I doubt they’ll stop…

    Also where’s my Konpaku pvc at. T_T

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