July 2010 Haul – Part 2

These arrived earlier:




– Figma Saber Alter (Max Factory)
– ActSta Teana Lanster (GSC)
– Miyafuji Yoshika (Alter)
– Fate/Extra Type-Moon SP-Box (Marvelous Entertainment)

The SP-Box comes with “Fate/the Fact” CD~

9 Responses to “July 2010 Haul – Part 2”

  1. Nekomimi036 Says:

    Nice loot! especially the Fate/Extra Type-Moon SP-Box. ^ ^

  2. Darky-san Says:

    Fate/Extra Type-Moon SP-Box how much did it cost you?

  3. optimisticpenguin Says:

    I like my Actsta Teana, ho do you like yours? 🙂

  4. Reltair Says:

    Nice, I’m still waiting for my Fate/EXTRA SP-box.

  5. motaku96 Says:

    Ooh~ I was looking at that Fate/Extra limited edition. Is it fun? Worth the money for the limited ed?

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      The limited comes with the exclusive Figma Saber Extra Ver. and other goodies. As for the game, I haven’t tried playing yet, no time ^^;

      A lot of people said it’s similar to Persona 3/4. Atleast for me, the SP-Box is worth getting ^^

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