MG Sazabi – Metallic Coating Version

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As promised, I will update my Journal with other stuffs, such as my collections of Hobby Kits~^^

For starters, my recently acquired Gundam kit is this beautiful “MG Sazabi – Metallic Coating Version”.


For your info, this kit has the highest price for an MG(Master Grade) kit from Bandai, with a whoopin price of 14,000 yen. Normal MG kit, even the special ones will net you no more than 7000 yen. I managed to get this kit for S$198 (Singapore Dollar), when the original price is supposed to be S$290. I think it’s a good bargain ^^

I’m not really surprised on why is it so expensive. First of is the quality of the paint job done on this kit. The metallic effects is not the same with those of other “Special” kits, such as the “Extra Finish” version. Second is the water decals. Surprisingly there’s no dry decals provided. Usually “Special” kits have both of them. Probably this is to prevent damages on the kit, since dry decals needs some “scratching” needed ^^;. The water decals is different from what I usually used. It’s more slicked and easy to apply, and the quality is also great with the silver and gold effects.

The only letdown is that the “Gold” parts paint job isnt as good as the red ones. So you do need to re-paint them with a gold marker.

Anyway, I managed to finish this kit in 1 day, which is surprisingly fast for a Master Grade kit. The reason is that there isn’t really a need to do Panel Lines, just water decals (and I was on holiday haha.. ^^;). Some painting and colouring is needed on the rocket booster if you want it to look better, but it’s optional~

Here are some shots of the finished kit:

Sazabi 2

Sazabi 3

Sazabi 4

Sazabi 5

Sazabi 6

Sazabi 7

It’s definitely cool looking and shiny~^^~ The Size is bigger than normal 1/100 MG, almost as big as MG EX-S Gundam with the stand.

I will post my other collections in the future and backtracks ^^;


13 Responses to “MG Sazabi – Metallic Coating Version”

  1. josh Says:

    wow, thats a huge box…

  2. BC Says:

    Hi. ^^

    I just bought myself Gato’s Gelgoog, metallic version, and I was so happy with how beautiful the colors are until… I thought about the sprues.

    I am deathly afraid of ruining the coating using sandpaper and would really appreciate any advice you could give on how easy it is to damage the coat, whether or not there will be unpainted marks on the pieces where the sprues are cut and sanded, if there is something I should do to prevent damage, etc.. ^^;

    Sorry to bother you on such an old post, but I really don’t want to start mine until I can find out a little about the metallic coating gunpla.

    Thanks for taking the time to read. ^^

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Sandpaper is definitely a bad idea when you are building a Metallic coated kit ^^;

    What I did was, atleast the best way for me, is just cut the excess sprues just nice. Any Metallic coated bound to have unpainted marks on them, so it’s something you can’t do much. To cover it you can just painted over with the colour that match the surface. Don’t have to be metallic, but it would be better if you own one ^^;

    Since the unpainted marks isn’t really something large in scale, it shouldnt be that noticable when you painted it over, unless you really look at it closely ^^

  4. wanderer Says:

    Gosh, that is so sexy. XD

  5. BC Says:

    Whoa, sorry I didn’t see this earlier.

    Thanks a /ton/ for the advice. I feel a lot better hearing how a pro handled it. I think I’ll do just that. I bought myself a cheapo kit, so I’ll use that to test out the clippers I have. Bad thing about being in a foreign country is I’m starting all over with tools. ^^; I assume booboos involving glue will similarly cause ridiculous amounts of metallic finish damage? The only kit I’ve ever done came completely unpainted, so I didn’t have anything to really worry about except frying panel lines.

    The Geloog I have /looks/ like it doesn’t need any painting, but I haven’t read the instructions all the way through to find out if there is any painting suggested. It would be amazing if they listed a color to match the metallic. I will have to paint Gato (god dammit XD) but I think I may leave that until I go home and then make my artist friend do him. Painting people looks scary.

    Just out of curiosity, what colors did you add to the rocket booster?

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    No problem, glad I could help ^^

    The colour I used for the booster is the the Gold colour. Used the Gundam Marker to colour ^^

  7. J Says:


    Where did u buy ur Sazabi from?

  8. wcloudxkumo Says:


    I got it from a local shop here in Singapore back in December 2007 ^^

  9. J Says:

    yeah, i’m from Singapore too. I’ve been trying to find this model for under 200 bucks, but it seems HAG is always out of stock…

  10. krztc Says:

    hi, i just want to know, when you cut off peices from the trees/frames, will it leave marks on the part that you cut off?

  11. wcloudxkumo Says:


    There are other places you might be able to find. Some of the stores that I could think of is Rapid Culture at Orchard Road and Hobby Point at Tiong Bahru Plaza ^^;


    Yep, it’ll leave off some marks no matter how you cut it. People usually use paint/marker to cover it ^^

  12. jef Says:

    you pay $290 for that i pay i think 60 or 80euro’s

  13. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Actually I got mine around December 2007 at S$170 ^^

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