Upcoming Gunpla Kit

Some of the highlights of the upcoming gunpla kit that I’m targetting for month Febuary/March:

1/100 Gundam Virtue/Gundam Nadleeh: 4,200 Yen

(March release)

Keep in mind that the kit’s high cost, which close to MG price, is because it can transform to either of the 2 Gundams.


MG Nu-Gundam – Metallic Coating Version: 8,925 Yen

(Febuary release)

To pair up with the MG Sazabi – Metallic Coating Version release.


Taken from Gunota.

Other releases include MG Strike E + IWSP & HG Throne Eins for Febuary release.

Getting Strike E would really depends on the kit, since it only recycles existing MG parts, which includes MG Strike Noir & MG Strike + IWSP.

So I probably not gonna get it, but I’m looking forward to Virtue/Nadleeh and Nu ^^


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