Shuraki Trinity

Shuraki Trinity is a series of figure project that Good Smile Company currently working on. A total 5 character figures are currently planned for releases (3 of the 5 already out). Looking at the trailer, there are supposed to be 7 characters.


shuraki 2

You can browse the official website here

The trailer can be viewed below. Theme song by “JAM Project”:

Each character merchandise comes with either 1 or 2 drama CDs and a “Secret File” which shows a lot of that particular character’s art and other reports. Yeah, each character gets their own Seiyuu ^^

A little preview on these figures~


Name: Mishiro Akatsuki
Scale: 1/8
Release Date: September 2007
Re-Release Date: January 2008
Seiyuu: Koshimizu Ami


Name: Liu Meifeng
Scale: 1/8
Release Date: November 2007
Re-Release Date: April 2008
Seiyuu: Iizuka Mayumi


Name: Char Rhousemann
Scale: 1/8
Release Date: January 2008
Re-Release Date: TBA
Seiyuu: Tamura Yukari


Name: Nida Schuetlitch
Scale: 1/8
Release Date: March 2008
Re-Release Date: TBA
Seiyuu: Chiba Saeko


Name: Rizfis Luttiva Mente
Scale: 1/8
Release Date: April 2008
Re-Release Date: TBA
Seiyuu: Shintani Ryoko

I have to say all these figures are all gorgeous to the core ^^ All of them can be cast off and comes with 2 different outfits. I managed to order 4 out of the 5; Akatsuki, Meifeng, Nida, and Rizfis from Hobby Search. Unable to get Char, sold out everywhere =/ Gotta have to wait for the re-release I guess, planning to get every character ^^ Maybe they could get their own Anime in the future hehe :p


6 Responses to “Shuraki Trinity”

  1. gordon Says:

    i have liu mei feng. i loved it! the best ouf of the 5. ^^;

    have already ordered needa.

    think i’ll only be getting these 2. (‘~’)

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    I think Char and Rizfis also looks great 😀

    errr wait, everything looks great >.<

    But my favourites are meifeng, char, and rizfis ^^

  3. Tweeter Says:

    These are all awesome looking, too bad there isn’t an anime (or even a video game). Maybe they could animate the audio drama discs? I ordered Rizfis the other day because I thought she was cutest, and because I’m a fan of the weapon she has. Cute+halberd=win. Too bad I have to wait months until she’s out and arrives. ;_;

  4. DaSaru Says:

    Woo! Got my Riz! ^_^
    She’s nice. Cast off version is good too..:P

  5. lolipedofin Says:

    just bough Rizfis!! weird, i thought her name was Rize….

    Bought it for sale price at a local store… Didn’t hesitate at all to get her, i got her for measly 51 SGD, that’s 34 USD or 3200 yen!

    lolol, but now i’m hooked and dying to get all the other 4.. T,T

    I wonder where i can get them?!

  6. GSC’s Yuzuko Previews « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] figure will come with 2 different type of chains; A PVC chain and a Real one. Also, just like the Shuraki series by Good Smile Company, she will come with a Drama CD and a Character Booklet. The Booklet will […]

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