MG Destiny Gundam

Back to Gunpla ^^; Next entry from my collection is “MG Destiny Gundam”. I was actually planning to get the “Extreme Blast Mode” version, but it’s sold out everywhere =( In the end I decided to get the normal version.


Actually I saw EBM one day at Hobby Point when I was going to watch movie at Tiong Bahru Plaza. I was strooling around when I spotted it. If I remembered correctly, the price was S$140, which is quite high. I was hesitant to buy it, but decided to get it after the movie. 2 hours later, after the movie, it went -poof-, someone actually got it before me ^^; I was like “haha… tough luck!!” XD~

Anyway, some shots ^^

destiny 2

destiny 3

destiny 4

destiny 5

destiny 6

Close up~

destiny 7

destiny 8

Overall, this is a good kit worth getting. I dont think there’s much different between the normal and the EBM version, other than the metallic chrome joint and the “Wings of Light”. But if you have some extra cash, then get the EBM XD.

A little note. MG Destiny Gundam is actually the first Gunpla I ever tried to apply panel lines on ^^


6 Responses to “MG Destiny Gundam”

  1. gordon Says:

    why didn’t u colour the hilt of the sword black? looks cooler. ^^;

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Even if I did want to, I didn’t have the materials to colour back then XD~

    but that’s a good idea though :p

  3. gordon Says:

    i coloured mine (the hilt of the sword) with a black marker and sprayed it with semi-gloss topcoat. the result looks very nice. ^^;

  4. Darren Says:

    i bought mine from hobby point also. but i bought it from the outlet at tampines mall now the EBM is only 119.90

  5. WingsOfLight Says:

    Hey buddy, did you sand your kit?? Coz for me, the Wings of the Destiny aka WOL is the main attraction…But i see visible ‘residues’ from cutting…

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    This was actually one of my 1st Gunpla kit, and is the normal edition, not the special edition ^^;

    That time I wasn’t really good at Gunpla making~XD

    You can check my Gunpla Archive for the special edition though ^^

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