Asakura Ryoko 1/8 Scale Figure (Max Factory)

Just got another Max Factory’s “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu” figure series to add to my collection ^^;
This time is “Asakura Ryoko 1/8 Scale Figure”. Got this from KKnM for S$67, and lucky me, I think this is the last of the stock ^^


The figure comes with an additional “Hand” holding a knife/dagger.

ryoko 2

As usual, another excellent quality figure from Max Factory ^^ Took lots of shots. This time tried to do with different background (I really need to learn to take better shots XD~)

ryoko 3

ryoko 4

ryoko 5

ryoko 6

ryoko 7

ryoko 8

ryoko 9

Close up ^^

ryoko 10

Pantsu shot ~(=> _ <=)~

ryoko 11

You can exchange the bag with the knife.

ryoko 12

Now with the knife~

ryoko 13

ryoko 14

Duoed with Haruhi 🙂

ryoko 15

Planning to get the rest of the Max Factory figures, and I know it won’t be easy ^^;

I think I like this background better than the usual “Curtain” shots :p I’ll probably need to get more lights for better picture.

EDIT: Added 2 new “test” pics for my new photo taking set up below ^^;

ryoko 16

ryoko 17

I think it looks much better now ^^, although I do still need to improve the lightening to bring out the colours more =/


6 Responses to “Asakura Ryoko 1/8 Scale Figure (Max Factory)”

  1. gordon Says:

    yes i like this background better as well. it’s recommended to use a simple backgrund to take photographs of figures cos if the backgrounds is too complicated it will make the viewer lose focus.

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Yeah, definitely ^^ Gonna try and improve my photo-taking skills :p

    I’ve added 2 new “test” shots to test my new photo setting at bottom page ^^

  3. g Says:

    the last 2 test shots are even better. great work! at least now there isn’t any harsh shadows directly behind the figure.

    doing away with harsh shadows is quite a difficult thing to master in figure photography. lightning is very important. for me i usually take photos of figures in the moning/afternoon under natural sunlight near a window. ^^;

  4. 6pack Says:

    Nice work with the shots. can you tell me how you minimised the dark shadows for the nose? Many pics i take seem to have weird colour near the nose because of the light i think.

  5. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome ( ^ _ ^ )

    Thx ^^;

    One way to minimize shadow (in any way/part) is to have a reflector or a secondary light, on the opposite side. You can check out my photoshoot set up for easier explanation ^^;

  6. Kona Says:

    Ooh, yeah, she does look high quality. Very nice~ Especially her hair, and the pain they used on the hair for the lighting. ^_^
    Yep, I also think this background is better than the “curtain” background, because your curtain got a lot of patterns. X3

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