MG Strike Freedom Gundam – Full Burst Mode –

Another excellent kit from my collection is this “MG Strike Freedom Gundam – Full Burst Mode -“ ^^


This kit is worth every penny, if you do have some extra cash to get it. Apart from the normal MG Strike Freedom, FBM comes with gold chrome joint and an additional stand for the “Dragoon System” gimmick ^^ Moreover, it also comes with a special bonus poster. The poster made out of plastic instead of paper, featuring Strike Freedom VS Destiny + the pilots. The decals also comes with gold effect instead of silver in FBM version.

The bonus poster:

SF 2

Some shots (Decided to take shots straight from the display cupboard, since it’ll be a hazzle to move it ^^; )~

SF 3

SF 4

SF 5

SF 6

SF 7

Dragoon System~

SF 8

Basically in this FBM version, you get to display your “Dragoons” as if it was flying midair, by using some clear plastic wire. The let down of it is that it isn’t sturdy enough, which cause it to bend down when displayed.

Close up (I like how it turns out ^^)~

SF 9

Took me around 3 days to complete it. Despite the wire problem, FBM is worth getting, just like MG Destiny’s EBM version ^^


3 Responses to “MG Strike Freedom Gundam – Full Burst Mode –”

  1. gordon Says:

    i have FBm as well. the boxart of this kit is so cool it’s already worth the money. ^^;

    the bending of the plastic sticks is so annoying i took them all out and attach the dragoons back on the wings.

  2. beamknight87 Says:

    this was my very first Gundam kit lol. It’s awesome and made me go and get some more. My only complaint is the inner “gold” frame, its actually a pale yellowish brown. Also, the joint that allows the wings to rotate degenerates really fast -_-

  3. Lj Says:

    I got the Regular MG yesterday now im thinking of returning it because the FBM looks better with the gold detail. Although im not sure which one would be more fun to build since i could just mod the regular MG. OHHHH!!! and another thing I found was the Strike freedom WHite Zaft Version which is unbelievable!

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