Nagato Yuki 1/8 Scale Figure (Max Factory)

I was surprised when I saw a package on my table after I got home from classes today. Stupid me, I totally forgot I ordered this last month through Hobby Search for 5,200 Yen ( = _ = ); Anyway what’s in the package was this lovely “Nagato Yuki 1/8 Scale Figure” from Max Factory ^^ Now I’m left with Mikuru and Tsuruya to complete my collection ^^;


The box actually much bigger than the previous 2 Max Factory figures, since this time you can swap Yuki’s costume between the school uniform and the witch outfit ^^ The figure comes with an extra upper body and the witch outfit (Hat, Cape, and Wand) set. Also 2 pairs of glasses~

yuki 2

The usual shots and lots of them ^^

yuki 3

yuki 4

yuki 5

yuki 6

yuki 7

Close up~

yuki 8

This is what the base stand looks like if you are wondering

yuki 9

Now with the additional upper body…

yuki 10

…and the witch outfit ^^

yuki 11

yuki 12

yuki 13

yuki 14

A little comparison

yuki 15

yuki 16

Close up (Witch ver.)~

yuki 17

Won’t be complete without the pantsu shot ( > _ < )v~

yuki 18

The “Trio” I have right now ^^

yuki 19

Another great quality figure from Max Factory. Now I’m confused whether I want to display Yuki with the normal uniform or the witch costume ( > _ <);; Both version looks great ^^;


3 Responses to “Nagato Yuki 1/8 Scale Figure (Max Factory)”

  1. gordon Says:

    taking pantsu shots of yuki looks so… wrong. >.<

    i dress her up in cloak and wiazrd hat. ^_^

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    lol ^^; In the end decided to go with the uniform, so it’ll match with the rest :p

  3. Table 8 Says:

    […] Nagato Yuki 1/8 Scale Figure (Max Factory) […]

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