MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka “Unicorn Mode”

As promised. I’ll do a review on “MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka” once I’m finished with it ^^ As for Unicorn, I will split the entries into 2 for the Unicorn Mode and the Destroy Mode respectively. So Unicorn Mode will be the 1st for now ^^;


If you follow “Ver. Ka” kit release, Unicorn is the 4th entry for Hajime Katoki‘s MG kit (Maybe 5th if you count both Crossbone normal and Full Cloth). As usual Hajime Katoki’s design is always top notch ^^

Ok, I’m really impressed with this kit. I mean, for me, Unicorn probably the best looking MG for 2007 release (It’s originally released on Dec 2007, but I only got it this Jan 2008 ^^; ). Took me around 3 days to complete it. The most frustrating part probably applying the decals. Tons of them, but fun ^^ Took me around almost 5 hrs just for the decals ( > _ < ) The only let down for Unicorn is the mobility. You can’t really create many different poses with Unicorn. I guess they decrease the mobility in exchange for the transformability capability ^^;, but that doesn’t prevent people from finding the way to counter it. There’s already lots of Mod around the net on how to increase Unicorn’s mobility ^^

As you can see, you can transform Unicorn Gundam to either the Unicorn Mode or the Destroy mode, just like the original. What can I say, Bandai did really well adapting it.

Some shots ^^ (Just some note. I still haven’t finish applying the decals. Left with the weapons)

unicorn 2

unicorn 3

unicorn 4

unicorn 5

unicorn 6

unicorn 7

unicorn 8

Close up~

unicorn 9

unicorn 10

unicorn 11

As for Destroy Mode, I’ll continue tomorrow. Sorry for that ^^;

unicorn 12


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