My Gunpla “Arsenal”

This is just a little look on what materials and stuffs I use to build my Gunplas. I’m not a professional hobbyist, so I don’t own an Air Brush set or anything fancy (Although I do want to learn how to use one) ^^;, but I think I have the basic sets needed for “casual” builder ^^;


1. Three sets of special “Gundam Marker”
2. Side Cutter
3. Scissors
4. A set of 5 “Smoother”
5. 2 Twizzers/Pickers
6. Kneaded Eraser
7. 2 “Gundam Marker” for Panel Lines use
8. Masking Tapes
9. A set of Screwdrivers
10. Cutting Board
11. Pen Knife/Cutter (Not in picture)
12. Tissues (Not in picture)

A closer look of my Gundam Marker sets upon request ^^

Gundam SEED Destiny Marker Set #1 & #2

arsenal 2

Gundam 00 Marker Set #1

arsenal 3

I bought these sets of markers through Hobby Search. A set cost around 1,200 Yen each.

These are basically what I use currently ( ^ _ ^ )/


4 Responses to “My Gunpla “Arsenal””

  1. gordon Says:

    nice set of markers u have there. i think the next thing u can try your hands on is spraying topcoat. for beginners, i recommend mrhobby semi-gloss. if confident move on to flat. ^^;

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Yeah, I think I saw those at Hobby Point or HAG. Probably gonna check it out when I go there 🙂

  3. AstrayP03 Says:

    question…can i use normal tape instead of the tamiya masking tape u have there?

  4. steve Says:

    Can I ask?..Are you using black gundam markers for panel lining only or do you use grey also?

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