Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu #02 (Good Smile) Opened for Pre-orders!

If you didn’t know yet, Good Smile Company is planning to release the 2nd set of “Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuu” series this coming May, and Hobby Search is already opening pre-orders starting today.



haruhi 2

haruhi 3

haruhi 4

haruhi 5

haruhi 6

Just like the previous set, there will be 5 different characters from the series
and each will be getting 2 Versions of it, plus 1 Secret Figure, which we don’t know of yet.

There will be 12 figures given for the set, so the 12th figure will be a random figure. The only different with this 2nd set is that we’ll get Ryoko and Kyon’s Sister, instead of Kyon and Tsuraya-San.

I personally like the 1st set better. Haruhi’s expression on this set looks awkward, doesn’t really potray her usual “character”, but Kyon’s Sister definitely gets a plus here ^^

The price is around the same price as the 1st set, with each costing for 500 Yen if you buy them individually.


One Response to “Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu #02 (Good Smile) Opened for Pre-orders!”

  1. dark.kloud. Says:

    Kyon’s little sister was done quite well ^^
    I like the cat on her head :p

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