Tsuruya-San 1/8 Scale Figure (Max Factory)

Released on 5th Febuary 2008, this “Tsuruya-San 1/8 Scale Figure” from Max Factory just arrived at my place today ^^


Another excellent release from Max Factory indeed. Probably, for me, Max Factory offers the best quality of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu series figures, atleast for the 1/8 scale ^^ Anyway, the figure comes with a Cat’s Tail, additional hand immitating a Cat’s Paw, and Neko Mimi (Cat’s Ear), which you can switch around~

tsuruya 2

The main highlight for this figure is probably the hair. It’s really well done and looks great. The Maid outfit also looks great and don’t forget, the face expression which really potrays Tsuruya character ^^

Took lots of shots, here goes ^^

tsuruya 3

tsuruya 4

tsuruya 5

tsuruya 6

tsuruya 7

tsuruya 8

tsuruya 9

tsuruya 10

tsuruya 11

tsuruya 12

tsuruya 13

Close up~

tsuruya 14

Base Stand.

tsuruya 15

Pantsu shots ( = ^ _ ^ = )~

tsuruya 16

tsuruya 17

Neko Mimi Mode!!~

tsuruya 18

tsuruya 19

tsuruya 20

tsuruya 21

tsuruya 22

Neko Mimi Mode close up~

tsuruya 23

Current collection ^^

tsuruya 24

Now left with Mikuru to complete the set ( ^ _ ^ )~


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