PG Strike Gundam (+ PG Aile Striker Pack)

Next Gunpla entry is this “PG Strike Gundam” ^^


Here it is, the ultimate Gunpla kit which is even better than that of a Master Grade, Perfect Grade. There is only a number of PG kit been released so far, less than 20 kits. This time I’ve decided to get Strike Gundam. I got this like 5 months ago for S$190 from HAG.

Just like its name, the quality is amazing. You can do lots of different poses with it, and the details, to be honest, is even better than the anime counterpart. The scale is 1/60 and it comes with a LED gimmick located on its head, which allows the eyes to “light” up.

This one took me around 5-6 days to complete, since it’s my first PG kit. There isn’t really a need to do panel lines because of the details, but it’ll look much cooler if you do it ^^

The usual shots, currently equipped with Aile Striker Pack from the “PG Skygrasper + Aile Striker Pack” kit ^^

strike 2

strike 3

strike 4

strike 5

strike 6

strike 7

strike 8

strike 9

strike 10

Close up~

strike 11

strike 12

strike 13

strike 14

Perfect Grade kits are always worth getting, but only get it if you are really know what you are doing. Not only it’s expensive, but you probably do not want to ruin or break it ( ^ _ ^ );


3 Responses to “PG Strike Gundam (+ PG Aile Striker Pack)”

  1. Nataku Says:

    tempted to buy this kit atm…

  2. jet Says:

    i’m planning to buy this kit! i think it’s every cent’s worth!!!!!!!!

  3. Neko Shinn Says:

    very sexy the 1/60 scale is good also but this kite has better movements…

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