Nendoroid Al-Azif (Good Smile)

Here it is, released on the 12th Febuary 2008, “Nendoroid Al-Azif” from Good Smile Company finally arrived at my place this afternoon ^^


Ordered this through Hobby Search, this is the 29th release of GSC’s Nendoroid Series. Actually this is the 1st real Nendoroid figure that I actually own, and I’m totally impressed by it. Not just the details, but it’s sooooooo Mega cute!! ( = > _ < = ) Around 10 CM in height, this time it features Al-Azif from the “Deus Machina Demonbane” series. Just like any known Nendoroid figures, it comes with extra goodies, such as hands and additional face expressions.

al-azif 2

I can tell you that you can stare at it whole day and you won’t get bored (As if, lol) ^^;

Anyway this time I took lots of shots, and this is the most I have taken. Around 30+ shots ^^; here goes~

al-azif 3

al-azif 4

al-azif 5

al-azif 6

al-azif 7

al-azif 8

al-azif 9

al-azif 10

al-azif 11

With Different faces~

al-azif 12

al-azif 13

al-azif 14

With the helmet~

al-azif 15

al-azif 16

al-azif 17

al-azif 18

Plus Yellow Slime~

al-azif 19

al-azif 20

al-azif 21

al-azif 22

al-azif 23

al-azif 24

al-azif 25

al-azif 26

al-azif 27

Close up~

al-azif 28

al-azif 29

al-azif 30

Pantsu ^^;

al-azif 31

“Talk to the Hand!!”

al-azif 32

As expected from Good Smile Company ( ^ _ ^ )/


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