MG Strike Noir Gundam

A little bit late, but my next Gunpla entry is this cool looking “MG Strike Noir Gundam” ^^


I think this was like my 1st MG kit I ever bought, can’t remember (Yeah, I’m getting old… >.< ). Anyway, just like what I mentioned before, my Strike Noir is one of the kit that still have no panel lines done yet, just like my “MG Ex-S Gundam”. Regardless of that, it’s still look cool ^^; I’m planning to add them when I have the time, and when would that be…still undecided ( T _ T ).

Anyway on with the usual shots~

noir 2

noir 3

noir 4

noir 5

noir 6

noir 7

noir 8

Close up~

noir 9

noir 10

Looks cool isn’t? ^^; It’ll look even better with the lines though ( ^ _ ^;)>


6 Responses to “MG Strike Noir Gundam”

  1. gordon Says:

    just curious, do u on your flash when u take pictures?

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Sometimes, but that really depends on the figures/Gunpla I’m taking. =/

    I only use flash if the lightening isn’t really suitable or the result isn’t really that good (I have really limited lightening options). Actually Flash isn’t really recommended for these, but sometimes you just have to ^^;

    As for Strike Noir, I used Flash.

  3. gordon Says:

    no wonder. maybe next time can try outdoor shoot. natural lightning = no shadows = better pics. ^^:

  4. dannychoo Says:

    looks terrible.

  5. wcloudxkumo Says:


    I have to admit, Flash really sux big time >_<; Did you see that “Greenish” shadow? Kinda spoiled the pic ;_;


    I’d love to do outdoor shoot, been planning to do that, but I kinda live in condo residential area right now ^^; lots of tall buildings blocking the view, and to make it worst, I stayed at bottom floor~ XD

  6. agul Says:

    what about price ? how much ?

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