Figma Nagato Yuki (Max Factory)

Here it is as promise, the review for “Figma Nagato Yuki” from Max factory which was just arrived yesterday ^^

figma yuki

Ordered this through Hobby Search as usual :p Saw lots of people gave positive reviews on it ever since its release, so I’ve decided to get it…and I’m totally impressed with what it can do. For an action figure, the details were great, and the mobility…hoho, it’s one to be reckoned of ^^ I’ve been playing with it since yesterday, trying different pose and stuffs, and Yuki can really kick some butt ^^

The figure comes with lots of extra goodies, which you can experiment with them and allow it to have more posing options; Extra face expression, a total of 5 different pair of hands, Hair equipped with the glasses, an extra pair of shoes, 2 different books, a “Figma” scarf and a metal chair (well, not really metal ^^; )

figma yuki 2

figma yuki 3

Anyway, the blouse and the skirt are bend-able and it can stand without any trouble even without the help of the “Figma Stand”. Only use the stand if you are going to do some fancy poses ( ^ _ ^ ) The only let down probably the joints, but overtime, you won’t really be bothered by it ^^

Anyway, here are the shots ^^

figma yuki 4

figma yuki 5

figma yuki 6

figma yuki 7

figma yuki 8

With the goodies~

figma yuki 9

figma yuki 10

figma yuki 11

figma yuki 12

figma yuki 13

Close up~

figma yuki 14

figma yuki 15

figma yuki 16

Pantsu ^^;~

figma yuki 17

Here it is the action shots~

figma yuki 18

figma yuki 20

figma yuki 21

figma yuki 22

figma yuki 23

Doing some parts of the Hare Hare Yukai dance ^^

figma yuki 24

figma yuki 25

figma yuki 26

figma yuki 27

figma yuki 28

Decided to get both Figma Haruhi and Figma Saber ^^ Oh and in case you didn’t know, the next line up for Suzumiya Haruhi Figma Series will be Figma Kyon, which planned for May release ( ^ _ ^ )/


9 Responses to “Figma Nagato Yuki (Max Factory)”

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  2. gordon Says:

    looks good. will love to see more action poses. ^^;

    btw what is that comment made above me? seems to pop up in some of your threads as well…

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:

    It drops under “Pingback” comment though. Looks like someone bookmarked my post on the net ^^;

  4. Prim3 Says:

    wow.. you got her already? looks good :>

  5. wcloudxkumo Says:

    It’s nice indeed ^^ Looking forward to my Figma Haruhi and Saber ^^v

  6. 29point55 Says:

    Does she come with a Scarf??

  7. iombo Says:

    i got it too!;)

    when you want to change her hands,exactly how do you pull them out?i heard that figma hands are very fragile,and when i try to remove them i feel that the joint is hard stuck in the wrist,and so i try to not force them,because i am scared of breaking it!
    what do you do??

  8. beneza Says:

    I have a question, is it a bit hard to insert her bangs w/ the glasses? I’m having a little difficulty putting it on . When placed on the head, it doesn’t fit as snugly as her normal bangs.

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      In my case, I don’t have any problem inserting.

      This is one of the problem that some may faced, when buying Mass-Produced items, especially action figures. If you are unlucky, you may get some loose parts, or hard-to-fit parts.

      I have some Figma that have some of those problems. Others who bought the same products may not have the same problem though.

      So yeah, just unlucky ^^; If it’s loose parts, usually I just use blue tacks. If it’s hard-to-fit parts, I could “cut” some off, but usually I just leave it alone.

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