Al Azif 1/8 Scale (Max Factory)

Sorry it took so long to post this, had some connection problem which slowed down the image upload -m( _ _ )m- and I went to watch “10,000 BC” also ^^; Good show ( > _ < )b


Anyway As promised, here it is “Al Azif 1/8 Scale” from Max Factory which arrived yesterday ^^ This figure was released in 2006, so it’s pretty difficult to get it. Luckily I spotted this just when Hobby Search finished updating the restock item page ^^; Was the last of the stock since it went “Sold Out” after I placed the order…lucky shot ^^;

This figure really do looks nice, in terms of quality and details. I personally like the hair and the ribbons. The figure already screwed to the base stand when I opened it, and it comes with a transparent brickwall, which then you insert it to the stand. Now just a question…do you considered this figure as “Loly”? :p

On with the shots!!~

alazif 2

alazif 3

alazif 4

alazif 5

alazif 6

alazif 21

alazif 7

alazif 8

alazif 9

Close up~

alazif 10

alazif 11

alazif 12

Closer look of the ribbons~

alazif 13

alazif 14

Pantsu and others ^^;

alazif 15

alazif 16

Comparison with the Nendoroid~

alazif 17

alazif 18

alazif 19

alazif 20

Worth getting ( ^ _ ^ )/


4 Responses to “Al Azif 1/8 Scale (Max Factory)”

  1. mrdeus Says:

    Very nice looking figure. I’ve ordered it and it should be here some time next week. I’m really looking forward to it. What is it about these figurines that makes buying them so addictive? 😉

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Welcome~ ( ^ o ^ )/

    Yep, it’s worth getting ^^ Hmmm their Moe-ness maybe? :p

  3. mrdeus Says:

    Yay! I got the figure today 🙂

    The transparent wall was a bit hard to fit in the base, but I’m very happy with the figure. I’ll post some pictures on my blog too (it looks the same as yours though ^_^).

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