Clayroid Puchi Lucky Star Season 01 (Good Smile Company)

Here it is, as promised, reviews on “Clayroid Puchi Lucky Star Season 01” by Good Smile Company, which arrived yesterday ^^


Only one word can describe this review…Super Ultra Mega Cute!!! (Ok, that’s more than one word~XD ) One thing that I can notice is that, Good Smile Company really improved a lot in creating this set. This set is WAY better than the previous Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsuu #01 release. One is the paint job, and the other is the joints, which I think was one of the major problem with the Nendoroid-Petit release. Now the joints can stick firmly, without having the problem of coming off easily!! ^^

Anyway, just like the previous release, this set comes with 12 figures, consisting of 5 different characters with 2 versions of each, 1 Secret figure, and 1 extra random figure. The secret figure is none other than Shiraishi Minoru!!! (Yay~^^) and for my random figure, I got myself another Kagami ^^ Each figure stands 5-6 cm high and cost 500 Yen, if you buy them separately.

The only problem I had with this set is probably the stand. Some of the stands are rather small, which makes some of the figure a little bit diffficult to stand straight. Overall, this is one cute set XD~

On with the shots~

puchils 2

puchils 3

puchils 4

Izumi Konata~

puchils 5

puchils 6

puchils 7

puchils 8

Takara Miyuki~

puchils 9

puchils 10

puchils 11

puchils 12

Hiiragi Tsukasa~

puchils 13

puchils 14

puchils 15

puchils 16

Hiiragi Kagami~

puchils 17

puchils 18

puchils 19

puchils 20

Kogami Akira~

puchils 21

puchils 22

puchils 23

puchils 24

Secret Figure: Shiraishi Minoru~

puchils 25

puchils 26

puchils 27

puchils 28

My extra Kagami ^^

puchils 29

Version 1~

puchils 30

Version 2~

puchils 31

puchils 32

A must get for Lucky Star fans ( ^ _ ^ )/


14 Responses to “Clayroid Puchi Lucky Star Season 01 (Good Smile Company)”

  1. gordon Says:

    are they fragile?

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Nope, they actually quite tough compared to previous release, which is a good thing ^^ I think that’s why they called “Clayroid” instead of “Nendoroid” ^^;

  3. Soshi Says:

    So you managed to get all of them in a box? 😀 My order’s coming in soon (I think in a week or two, with my Lelouch) and I’m hoping to get all of them in a box~

  4. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

    No worries!! XD Buying the whole box set is a 100% guaranteed that you’ll get every figures :p

  5. Shuyi Says:

    Its TOO CUTE for me to HANDLE~! Wanna have it but I do not know how to get it…lol

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ ( ^ o ^ )/

    Yep it’s mega cute!! ( > . < )/ Maybe you could try the online shops, if you owned a credit card ^^

  7. Shuyi Says:

    Too bad I dun hav credit card~

  8. janoxide Says:

    Aww, so the secret figure is at random? All of them are all so adorable, but I really just want Shiraishi XDDD

  9. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

    Yeah, unfortunately if you buy them individually, it’s all about luck ^^; Unless you decided to buy the whole box set to have a 100% guaranteed that you get every figures ^^;

  10. Seraphim Says:

    OMG!!! How do you order it!? Where? How much was it (as in price)?

    I WANT IT!!!!!!! 


  11. Ayu Says:

    Are you selling the extra Kagamin? ;_______; I WUV KAGAMIN

  12. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Sorry, she’s not for sale!! >_<


    I got the set through Hobby Search ^^

  13. otaku Says:

    i like one nendoroid konata

  14. xine Says:

    I love your collection, I think the lucky star puchi set is really cool. I’d like to have one too! Thanks for sharing this. ^_^

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