Mabinogi Succubus 1/8 Scale (Good Smile Company)

Alright~ Next review is this lovely “Mabinogi Succubus 1/8 Scale” by Good Smile Company, which arrived few days ago together with my “Clayroid Puchi Lucky Star Season 01” ^^


This figure was released on 18th March, 2008, few days after “PuchiLS”, and I have to say, it looks gorgeous ^^ The charm points are the pose and the legs…and it’s really well done. The body curve also looks great. No wonder she’s called “Succubus” :p The quality of the paint job and details were great, especially the rose pattern on the skirt and the chest are and the arms areas were made shiny. The skirt was made transparent also ^^;

Anyway, the figure also comes with an extra “damaged” skirt, which you can switch around.

succubus 2

As for the stand, I was hoping they would put some patterns or pictures on it, because it looks a bit dull and plain =/…but overall, this is one sexy figure ( ^ _ ^ )/

Usual shots~

succubus 4

succubus 5

succubus 6

succubus 7

succubus 8

succubus 9

succubus 10

succubus 11

succubus 12

succubus 13

With the “damaged” skirt~

succubus 14

succubus 15

succubus 16

succubus 17

succubus 18

succubus 19

succubus 20

succubus 21

Without the skirt~

succubus 22

succubus 23

succubus 24

succubus 25

Pantsu ^^;~

succubus 26

succubus 27

Close up~

succubus 28

succubus 29

succubus 30

succubus 31

succubus 32

succubus 33

succubus 34


2 Responses to “Mabinogi Succubus 1/8 Scale (Good Smile Company)”

  1. choo23 Says:

    now thats one sexy figure to be display.

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Welcome~ \( ^ o ^ )/

    Yep, sexy indeed. She’s not called “Succubus” for nothing :p You can doodle at it all day long and won’t get bored \( + _ + )/

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