KOS-MOS Ver.4 (Alter)

Here it is, the review of “KOS-MOS Ver.4” by Alter, which arrived yesterday ^^


This KOS-MOS figure is probably the hardest one to get currently. The demand for it is quite high. The moment you see it available somewhere…boom, it’s gone in matter of seconds ^^; I spotted this last week on Hobby Search, and it was the last of the stock. This time I managed to get it ( > _ < );

Anyway, this figure definitely the coolest KOS-MOS figure out there. It’s based on KOS-MOS Ver.4 from the game “Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra”. Trailer of the game below:

The details is just…wow, never seen one like this before. The hair is crystal blue clear and the gold coating is just great. The packaging box also has one of the coolest design. Just a warning, you need to be careful when taking the figure out of the box, especially the “Gatling Gun”. The weapon already fixed to the hand, but it’s quite fragile and wobbles around. So just keep an eye on that, if you ever bought one ^^;

No other extra accessories given, just a Stand.

The usual shots~

kosmos 2

kosmos 3

kosmos 4

kosmos 5

kosmos 6

kosmos 7

kosmos 8

kosmos 9

kosmos 10

kosmos 11

kosmos 12

Close up~

kosmos 13

kosmos 14

kosmos 15

kosmos 16

The details~

kosmos 17

kosmos 18

kosmos 19

Closer look of the Gun~

kosmos 20

kosmos 21

kosmos 22

The stand~

kosmos 23

Pantsu ^^;~

kosmos 24

kosmos 25

kosmos 26

kosmos 27

kosmos 28

This a must get indeed, no question asked d( > _ < )b


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