Queen’s Blade Airi (Mega House) [R18]

Sorry for the late post ^^; Here it is as promised, the review of “Queen’s Blade Airi” by Mega House, which I acquired from La Tendo few days ago ^^


Since this is from the same series as “Queen’s Blade Nyx” and also the same company maker, expect another R18 review content ^^; I’ll be posting the Full Cast Off photos without any censors marks, so if you find them offensive, please refraint from reading the review (Although it’ll probably won’t stop you~XD) ^^;

I didn’t really gave much information on the series before, so I’ll do so now for those who are curious.

Queen’s Blade series is actually not an anime or a console game. Well, it is a “game”, but it’s under the “Combat Picture Game” by using a number of “Books” to play. It’s adapted or maybe a spin-off from quite a well known “Visual Book” game called “Lost World”. For more info you can go Here.

There’s a total of 15 different characters from the series currently, with each designed by different well known character designers. Atleast half of them already gotten the “Figure” treatment, so expect more of them to be released in near future ^^ Queen’s Blade gained quite a popularity which in the end gave birth to a new spin-off series called “Queen’s gate”. I think there are only 3 characters currently in the Queen’s Gate series, with Nijihara Ink as one of them from the Moetan series ^^

You can go to the Official Website of Queen’s Blade/Gate for more info.

Anyway, back to our topic!! ( > _ < );

I’m pretty much satisfied with Airi and at the same time impressed by it. Well, what can you expect from a pretty girl wearing a maid uniform, holding a deadly scythe ready for some action ^^; The details and paint jobs is just…wow, not mentioning the Full Cast Off goodies. I really like the scythe the most, as it looks…deadly :p


The figure only comes with a stand, no other extra accessories. My only complains on the figure, it’s pretty hard to figure out the cast off method for first timer, since there’s no instructions on how to do it. So be careful if you ever bought one. I almost broke the ribbons myself ( > _ < ) Another one is attaching the weapon to the figure itself. There isn’t really much support for the weapon, so it’s pretty much frustrating at times, since it keeps dropping off.

Other than that, it’s pretty much a well worth to get figure ^^

Anyway, the usual shots~

airi 2

airi 3

airi 4

airi 5

airi 6

airi 7

airi 8

airi 9

airi 10

airi 11

airi 12

airi 13

airi 14

Close up~

airi 15

airi 16

airi 17

Scythe and Uniforms~

airi 18

Full Cast Off!!~ ( > _ < );

airi 19

airi 20

airi 21

airi 22

airi 23

airi 24

airi 25


airi 26

airi 27

Current Queen’s Blade collection with Nyx~

airi 28

airi 29

airi 30

Looking at the Queen’s Blade series so far, really tempted me to get the others ^^; Looking forward to future releases ( ^ _ ^ )/


4 Responses to “Queen’s Blade Airi (Mega House) [R18]”

  1. Fariz Asuka Says:

    Excellent pictures!! This makes me want to buy that Kotobukiya’s Kureha more and more.. ^^ Congratz on getting the figurine in the first place..

    BTW.. Some pictures of the cast off got deleted.. I think it was just too much for photobucket to handle.. 🙂

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Welcome ^^~

    Haha thx ^^;

    Yeah, apparently they removed some of them >_<; I guess I have to upload 2 different photos with censors next time <( ‘ _ ‘)

  3. Otaku Says:

    What camera do you use?

  4. ashlie Says:

    It was really a good shot! I also have my Airi’s that I bought from PIJ, i never did think of taking some pics like this 🙂 Love it.


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