Photoshoot Set Up Adjustment

You can view the previous attempt here

So today I went to IKEA to get myself an additional lamp for the overhead lightening. Got myself a cheap desk lamp for S$12.00 ^^ Tried the new set up, and found out that my new IKEA lamp is much more brighter than my other one. So I had to switch them around; New lamp as the main one and the previous “main” lamp for the overhead lightening. Below is how it looks like with the new set up:


Used my “KOS-MOS Ver. 4” as test model again and with the same background, etc, and the results:



After (New Settings):



Testing With different background:



I have to say there’s quite an improvement compared to the previous setting ^^ One thing that I found out and learned is that background colour/texture does affects the overall outcome. So you can’t really use random background when taking photos. Each figurines needs a suitable background colour for them to get the best outcome ^^

I just need to adjust the position of the lamp a bit, and it should come alright next time \( > _ < )/

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10 Responses to “Photoshoot Set Up Adjustment”

  1. Anime Home Planet Blog » Blog Archive » Photoshoot Set Up Adjustment Says:

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. nemuiwanko Says:

    That is pretty awesome! Although I’m a newbie photographer, I should try that out sometime. That should definitely do better than bounce flash.

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Thx ^^;

    You should go and try it ^^ It’s a really good experience doing this and it’s easy to set up also, and it’s definitely much better than using flash d( ^ _ ^ )b

  4. Panther Says:

    Background usage requires the color of the background to be in contrast to the figure’s colors. So use different color schemes from the figure’s when taking photos for better results.

    Setup looks good so far. I suppose I should get started on mine but I am not so much into photoshooting figures heh.

  5. ck Says:

    WOo, pretty cool diy set up ><

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Yeah, it was good to know ( > _ < ) A good lesson learnt ^^;


    Welcome~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

    Thx ^^; Easy to set and clean up also d( > _ < )b

  7. SG Says:

    The brown textured background brings out the figure a lot more than the blue textured. Maybe its because the blue hi-lights on the figure or the overall blue that mixed the figure into the back? 😛

  8. Falryu Says:

    Envy! I want that Kosmos figure but no money to get it. The new changes make her look godly!

  9. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx ^^

  10. New Camera!? Lighting Help!? « Lovelyduckie’s Weblog Says:

    […] but they really weren’t helpful for my figure lighting needs. WCloudx has a great post about his setup (seen below) but I couldn’t mimick it and get the same results for some reason! My room bulbs […]

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