1/100 Gundam Virtue “Gundam Nadleeh Mode”

It’s been a while, but finally I managed to finish my “1/100 Gundam Virtue” ^^ Sorry if it took so long, been pretty busy lately ( > _ < );


Since “1/100 Gundam Virtue” allows you to transform to Gundam Nadleeh, I will divide the review into 2 parts just like what I did with Unicorn; one for Virtue mode and one for Nadleeh mode. For starter I will start with Nadleeh ^^ Review for Virtue will follow later ^^

Virtue is a little bit expensive this time compared to other previous 1/100 scale releases, and that’s because it’s like getting a 2 in 1 package ^^; In terms of mobility, Nadleeh pretty much limited, but nevertheless it’s still a cool looking kit ^^

Took me 2 days overall to complete it, although I was expecting it to take longer. One reason is because, pretty much, there’s a lot of painting to do. I did the best I could to make it as close as the manual. Compared to “1/100 Gundam Kyrios”, it’s much more difficult this time ^^; I had to repaint the cable cord to “pink” colour, and luckily my Gundam SEED Destiny marker set have the colour ( > _ < );

Overall, I have to say they did a really good job to get it as close as the anime counterpart in terms of details ^^

Anyway, let the photos do the talk ^^

nadleeh 2

nadleeh 3

nadleeh 4

nadleeh 5

nadleeh 6

nadleeh 7

Close up~

nadleeh 8

nadleeh 9

Action shots~

nadleeh 10

nadleeh 11

nadleeh 12

Different lightning set up~

nadleeh 13

nadleeh 14

The review for Gundam Virtue will follows later on ^^ Look forward to it ( ^ _ ^ )/


5 Responses to “1/100 Gundam Virtue “Gundam Nadleeh Mode””

  1. Munz Says:

    wah… even harder den d kyrios? sobs… i spent sooo much time on d kyrios. lol. but i was reli satisfied lah. ^^

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Yep, good stuffs always takes time to finish ^^ It might take longer, but that satisfactory feeling after you finished, is really something \( ^ o ^ )/

  3. Lsio Says:

    hmmm This reminds me that my Exia box in corner is waiting for me to start it.

  4. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Go for it~!! v( > _ < )v

  5. Indigo Deville Says:

    Hmm… though I’m a big fan of Virtue, I just don’t like Nadleeh. The ‘pinky hair’ just looks weird, and I find the body design is just too simple.

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