Square Enix’s STATIC ARTS Soul Eater Reservation Starts!!


This was actually announced yesterday, but this new figure of “STATIC ARTS Soul Eater Maka & Soul” from the new series Soul Eater by Square Enix is now ready for reservation ^^ The figure is scheduled for July 2008 and will be up for 7,800 Yen, and Hobby Search is taking pre-orders as of now ^^

Looks cool I have to say. Just finished watching the 1st episode of Soul Eater, and to be honest it’ll be a big hit!! ( ^ _ ^ )/


4 Responses to “Square Enix’s STATIC ARTS Soul Eater Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Lsio Says:

    hmmmm, am I the only one here don’t like this show? It tried to be comedy but fail to do so, at least for me. I will give it a second try and decide if I will continue.

  2. double Says:

    This figurine is rather unique. Too bad I can’t probably afford it due to my budget.

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

    I think what makes it interesting for me is probably the animation style of it. The way they animated it is rather unique and new to me ^^; Storywise it’s pretty normal to me. Have to watch few more episodes to see how the story will developed since I never read the manga ^^;


    Welcome~ ( ^ o ^ )/

    Same for me ^^; It won’t be in my list to get, but it’s true that the figure is rather unique ^^

  4. cidoes Says:

    Perfect!l like soul eater very much,but I have to say it’s so expensive to me that I can’t afford it…what a pity… may be I should save money for it?it’s a big plan
    Wo re sama no big plan?-black star \o/

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