Al Azif Swimsuit Ver. 1/8 Scale (Alter)

Here it is as promised, the review for “Al Azif Swimsuit Ver. 1/8 Scale” by Alter, which arrived a while ago ^^


Review for Franco will follow later, Al Azif first for now ^^; As mentioned before, Al Azif is the main heroine from the eroge Deus Machina Demonbane and also the OVA adaptation of the same name by Nitro+. This time Al Azif appears in her swimsuit, the same one as the one during the beach scene in the anime version ^^

Beach Episode below:

Nice series, worth picking it up~

Anyway :p, I have to say, this is one cute figure of Al Azif and Alter did really well on it. The paint job looks great ^^ What I like about this figure is the expression, and also the “Sandy” base stand, well made indeed ^^ The figure comes with the following accessories:

alazif 2

The skirt pretty much cast off-able. With the addition of Alter’s version, this will be my third figure of Al Azif ^^

On with the shots~

alazif 3

alazif 4

alazif 5

alazif 6

alazif 7

alazif 8

alazif 9

alazif 10

alazif 11

alazif 12

Close up~

alazif 13

alazif 14

alazif 15

Without the skirt~

alazif 16

alazif 17

alazif 18

alazif 19

Close up of the underpantsu~^^;

alazif 20

alazif 21

Special pose~XD

alazif 22

Current collections~

alazif 23

alazif 24

alazif 25

Look forward to Franco‘s review ( ^ _ ^ )/


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