GSC’s Hatsune Miku Reservation Starts!!


The wait is finally over. The reservation for this wonderful 1/8 Scale figure of “Hatsune Miku” from the Vocaloid series by Good Smile Company finally started. Miku is scheduled for September 2008 release and will be up for 5,200 Yen ^^ Hobby Search is taking pre-orders for her as of today.

Yesss!! My next get list!! ( > _ < )v

Pre-ordered it the moment I sees it~XD


12 Responses to “GSC’s Hatsune Miku Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Hirito Says:

    Pre-ordered too!! The price tag isn’t that bad also, so it’s a definite get!!

  2. nemuiwanko Says:

    Same here, ordered it on hobby search too! Ever since your blog turned me into a figure collector, now I’m thinking of getting those glass cabinets from Ikea to store figures x_x Gotta hate the dust.

  3. nemuiwanko Says:

    Oh hey I have a question! It’s my first time doing a pre-order on hobbysearch, and I noticed a US $0.01 charge from Tokyo on the day I reserved the Miku figure. Is it normal to get a small charge like this from hobbysearch for a pre-order?

  4. wcloudxkumo Says:


    I felt guilty all of a sudden ( > _ < );, but the Detolf glass cabinet from IKEA is definitely a good choice to display your figures ^^

    As for the 1 cent charge, it’s normal to get that ^^; I think they did that to test if your credit card is valid. I got the same amount of charge also when I ordered stuffs for the first time ^^

  5. Munz Says:

    preordered closed since yesterday. omfg lah

  6. Panther Says:

    The Detolf is only good if you display just the few amount of figures. It is rather flimsy, so keep it out of harm’s way. Though it is supposed to be tempered and sturdy glass, you still cannot be too careful. I own one so I know.

  7. wcloudxkumo Says:


    All the reservations for Miku already taken as of Day 1 ^^; So it might take a while before they re-open it. Just shows how popular Miku is ( > _ < );

    Hopefully you’ll get your chance in getting her ^^


    Ah, thx for the info ^^ I have a question though :p

    Is Detolf cabinet self-assembly? or do you need assistance to assemble it? or when they arrived from IKEA, it’s already assembled?

    Cause I’m planning to get one also ( > _ < );

  8. nemuiwanko Says:


    thanks for the info as well!


    Now that I think about it, I need to find a way to even fit the cabinet in my room! But for now, I’ve bought some of these cases to help with the dust.
    This really helps with the gachapon and smaller figures.
    For the bigger 1/8 figures, I only have 2 at the moment, and it’s fitting well in an older cabinet (only one level free however) that I have.

  9. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Nice find!! d( > _ < )b

    I’ve been looking forever for a stage display for my Nendoroids. I didn’t know Hobby Search selling those until you mentioned it ^^ I was planning to get mine custom made, but I guess I’m gonna get them from Hobby Search ^^ It even has a glass cover for it, which is a plus there ^^

    Cookies for you~ ( ^ o ^ )

  10. nemuiwanko Says:


    They have them in various sizes, but you should make sure that the size is right. Most of them are kind of small. I couldn’t find one at a local shop that could fit the normal sized-nendoroids, but I’m using a display rack right now to store some. The display rack I got is adjustable, I can have it at either 1, 2 or 3 levels.

    I took a picture of my desk, and it’s refreshing to have more room to store figures. I ordered another stage display which has a higher height that is still being shipped, but I’ll see if normal sized nendoroids can fully fit in there when it comes. But the thing about the one I’m ordering is that it’s stackable o_o So it should have some interesting results

  11. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Thx for the photo references \( ^ o ^ )/

    Yeah, pretty much that’s what I needed (The Stage-stairs type). I need it for my small nendoroids, not for the normal sized ones ^^; So it should suffice ^^

    Nice collections you got there~ Looks like you’re keeping some of your figures inside the box ^^

  12. nemuiwanko Says:


    Dust is way too horrible here not to keep them in the box. But I’m going to put that in my old glass cabinet soon after I get a new figure soon xD;; Now off to read your new haruhi nendoroid petit review!

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