Suzumiya Haruka 1/8 Scale (Good Smile Company)

Here it is, the review for “Suzumiya Haruka 1/8 Scale” by Good Smile Company, which arrived a while ago ^^


I’ve decided to get this figure to pair up with the upcoming “Hayase Mitsuki 1/8 Scale”, which I’m planning to get also ^^;

Anyway, Suzumiya Haruka is one of the main heroine from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien series, with Hayase Mitsuki as the other ^^. This time Good Smile Company decided to release her in her swimsuit and this will be my second “Beach” theme figure ^^ OP of the anime below:

GSC really did well on Haruka, as usual~:p The paint job and details, especially the Straw Hat and the “Sandy” Stand, are just amazing. She looks quite provocative in a way also ^^; The body curve is yummy~

The figure is pretty simple basically, and only come with a stand. No other accessories included ^^;

Anyway on with the shots~This time I tried using “Manual” mode and decided to do the settings on my own. Usually I put mine under “Macro” mode, and let my camera do the rest ^^;

haruka 2

haruka 3

haruka 4

haruka 5

haruka 6

haruka 7

haruka 8

haruka 9

haruka 10

Close up~

haruka 11

haruka 12

haruka 13


haruka 14

haruka 15

Close up of the eyes~^^;

haruka 16

haruka 17

“Butlight” shot~

haruka 18

haruka 19

haruka 20

haruka 21

haruka 22

haruka 23

haruka 24

haruka 25

haruka 26

haruka 27

Worth getting ( ^ _ ^ )/


One Response to “Suzumiya Haruka 1/8 Scale (Good Smile Company)”

  1. Optical Says:

    Nice review. ^^d

    I’ve decided not to get her due to the fact, “i don’t like her” by Hayase Mitsuki is a must buy IMO. I just wish they kept her short hair as it would be a perfect matching pair in adult form.

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