Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu #02 (Good Smile Company)

This next review will be “Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu #02” by Good Smile Company, and also the first figure review of the month ^^


This 2nd set is the follow up of the previous “Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu #01” release, also by Good Smile Company. Just like before, this box set contains 12 figures; 5 different character figures with 2 versions each, a Secret Figure, and a random extra figure. Each standing around 6-7cm. The only difference is that we have a different line up now. We are getting Ryoko and Kyon’s Sister this time, instead of Kyon and Tsuraya-san. Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki are still included in this set.

As for the Secret Figure, we are getting Mikuru in her Frog costume, which most of you might already know ^^;

So how about quality? Are there any improvement compared to the first one? Absolutely!! ^^ For those who owned the 1st set (including me :p), you might be complaining about lots of stuffs, which include defection, parts easily coming off, durability, etc. Rest assured!! All of those are history now!!^^

I’m quite impressed with all the improvements they have made with this set. All the parts and joints are now firmly fit and won’t come off easily. The figure also came out as a whole when you open the box now, unlike the 1st one which comes in pieces. Colour and paint job looks crisp now ^^ Durability wise, it looks much stronger now. You can really feel the weight ^^ As for details, I won’t say much, really ^^ It’s quite understandable, but for a 500 Yen figure, GSC really did wonderful on these ^^

Alright, on with the shots~

Version 1

petitharuhi2 2

Version 2

petitharuhi2 3

Suzumiya Haruhi

petitharuhi2 4

petitharuhi2 5

petitharuhi2 6

petitharuhi2 7

Asakura Ryoko

petitharuhi2 8

petitharuhi2 9

petitharuhi2 10

petitharuhi2 11

Kyon’s Sister

petitharuhi2 12

petitharuhi2 13

petitharuhi2 14

petitharuhi2 15

Asahina Mikuru

petitharuhi2 16

petitharuhi2 17

petitharuhi2 18

petitharuhi2 19

Nagato Yuki

petitharuhi2 20

petitharuhi2 21

petitharuhi2 22

petitharuhi2 23

Secret Figure: Mikuru in Frog costume~

petitharuhi2 24

petitharuhi2 25

petitharuhi2 26

petitharuhi2 27

My extra random figure ^^;

petitharuhi2 28

“Talk to the hand!!”

petitharuhi2 29

petitharuhi2 30

petitharuhi2 31

petitharuhi2 32

petitharuhi2 33

My favourites are Kyon’s Sister, Mikuru, and Yuki ( ^ _ ^ )/


One Response to “Nendoroid-Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu #02 (Good Smile Company)”

  1. nemuiwanko Says:

    Gaaah I should have gotten these too. As a matter of fact, these are still in stock! So tempting, need a job, need to finish getting a degree ;___; Maybe I’ll pick some up at the next convention I go to, since I mainly want a Kyon’s sister, Mikuru, Yuki and Ryoko. (Just one of each, dumb budget >__<;; But I want to hold out for the Fate Stay night nendoroid petit sets since I want to diversify the collection a bit.

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