Figma Saber Armor Ver. (Max Factory)

Alright~ Next review will be this wonderful “Figma Saber Armor Ver.” by Max Factory ^^


All I can say about Saber is that…she’s Amazing!! ( > _ < )v She’s a lot superior in many ways than the previous Figma Yuki ^^ The details and the mobility is just wowee~ I think this will be my favourite Figma figure up-to-date ^^ I can see that the Figma releases are getting better with each new releases. So much potential, can’t wait for the rest of the future Figmas to be out ^^ So excited~

figmasaber 2

Anyway, just like previous Figma releases, a lot of extra accessories included, which allows you to play with different posing option ^^ In Saber case, you get 2 extra face expression, extra hair, 2 Excaliburs, and 3 extra pairs of hands. She can stand with ease without the help of the “Figma Stand”, unless for some fancy poses ^^

On with the shots!!

figmasaber 3

figmasaber 4

figmasaber 5

figmasaber 6

figmasaber 7

figmasaber 8

figmasaber 9

figmasaber 10

Close up~

figmasaber 11

figmasaber 12

figmasaber 13

figmasaber 14

With different faces~

figmasaber 15

figmasaber 16

figmasaber 17

figmasaber 18

figmasaber 19

The outer skirt can be opened up~

figmasaber 20

A closer look on the Excaliburs~

figmasaber 21

Alright, Action Shots!! ( > _ < )v

figmasaber 22

figmasaber 23

figmasaber 25

figmasaber 26

figmasaber 27

figmasaber 28

figmasaber 29

figmasaber 30

Yuki also wants a piece of the action~XD

figmasaber 31

figmasaber 32

figmasaber 33
Larger Image

Actually I want to take more action shots, but it’ll be too many to post later on ^^;

If you never bought a Figma before, Saber is highly recommended!! d( > _ < )b


12 Responses to “Figma Saber Armor Ver. (Max Factory)”

  1. Lsio Says:

    I want my saber now… you seems to have a lot fun playing with her >.< I envy you.

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Best Figma relese ever!!

    Hopefully you get yours soon ( > _ < )

  3. misakichii Says:

    Omg you really get your stuffs fast!

  4. Starvade Says:

    Patiently awaiting this to come! Nice review, makes me long for it even more..

  5. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Ordered it from Hobby Search ^^

    They’re quite fast in sending the goods. As soon as the stock got in, they’ll send it right away ^^ Took around 3-4 days max to reach my place ^^


    Welcome~ ( ^ o ^ )/

    Thx! You won’t regret waiting for it ( > _ < )b

  6. gordon Says:

    the blur effect at the 2nd last pic looks good. how do u do it? photoshop?

  7. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Yep Photoshop ^^

  8. Sirus Says:

    There’s only one Excalibur. The sword with the thinner sheath is Caliburn.

  9. Atuin Says:

    Thanks for the awesome review, kumo! Excellent posing and nice photoshoping. Lol @ yuki attack. This figma Saber model is so damn great, you convinced me to buy my very first anime figure.

    you rule!
    ❤ Atuin

  10. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~( ^ _ ^ )

    Yep, Caliburn and Excalibur ^^ Although I don’t know which is which until you told me~XD


    Welcome~( ^ o ^ )


    Yep, you won’t regret getting Saber d( > _ < )b

  11. Death Says:

    So cool!

    Where did you get the scarf for Yuki? I want one! I didn’t get any from my Yuki figma

  12. deadjr Says:

    Hey. What camera are you using ?

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