Figma Suzumiya Haruhi School Uniform Ver. (Max Factory)

Here it is, the review for “Figma Suzumiya Haruhi School Uniform Ver.” by Max Factory, the last of my big haul of the week ^^


Well, I don’t really have much to say on Haruhi, she’s just another amazing Figma release ^^ Compared to Yuki, there’s definitely an improvement, especially the skirt. Unlike Yuki, Haruhi’s skirt is much more flexible, which makes it easier to move her legs further ^^

Accessories wise, Haruhi still has the same format just like the others. In Haruhi’s case you get the trademark Megaphone, and additional “Kantoku” armband. The usual extra pair of hands and face expressions are still included ^^ Paint jobs and details are still amazing as ever, just what you expect from Max Factory.

haruhi 2

haruhi 3

Although Saber still gets my all-time favourite Figma for now ^^; Anyway, Haruhi is still an amazing Figma to get.

Anyway on with the shots~

haruhi 4

haruhi 5

haruhi 6

haruhi 7

haruhi 8

haruhi 9

haruhi 10

haruhi 11

Close up~

haruhi 12

haruhi 13

haruhi 14

With different faces~

haruhi 15

haruhi 16

haruhi 17

haruhi 18

haruhi 19

haruhi 20

Action shots ^^~

haruhi 21

haruhi 22

haruhi 23

haruhi 24

haruhi 25

haruhi 26

haruhi 27

haruhi 28

Hare Hare dance with Saber and Yuki ^^~

haruhi 29

haruhi 30

Some actions with Saber ^^~

Haruhi: “Join the SOS-Dan or die!!”
Saber: “Nowai!!”

haruhi 31

Saber: “Slash!!”
Haruhi: “Phone-Block!!”

haruhi 32

Haruhi: “Spinzaku Kick!!”
Saber: “WTF!!??”

haruhi 33

Saber: “Ugh…”
Haruhi: “SOS-Dan Rulz~”

haruhi 34

Can’t wait for the rest of the SOS-Dan members to come out~( ^ _ ^ )/


5 Responses to “Figma Suzumiya Haruhi School Uniform Ver. (Max Factory)”

  1. James Says:

    I’m not really into those Figma figs but i have to say that the quality is still very good . The only one i would LOVE to get is the Konata one ^^

    Anyway , really good review and those last shots with Saber are total win . I love the one with the kick , poor Saber 😥

  2. Fariz Asuka Says:

    Spinzaku Kick!!

    Lol at that one.. Now I know why Saber was forced to do the Hare Hare Yukai.. XD

  3. Optical Says:

    Love ur shots. ^^

    Haruhi defeating Saber! I saw that one coming. lol
    Seeing u playing with ur figmas makes me want to get stuck in and play with mine one.

    I can’t wait to get my Saber and Haruhi. ^^

  4. Prim3 Says:

    saw quite a few figma review and photo shots already.. guess figma is the new fav figure line already? XD

    but ya.. for the price, it’s pose-ability and accessories, it’s worth every bit of it’s price 🙂

  5. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx!! ^^

    You should try and get a Figma…they’re addicting!! XD


    Yeah, poor Saber ;_; I just had to do it :p

    Cannot resist!! ( > _ < )


    Thx!! ^^

    Yep, they really fun to play with ^^ Hopefully you get yours soon~ ( ^ o ^ )


    It’s a nice figure for just something a little over 2,000 Yen ^^ Figma have a lot of potential. I can’t wait to see what it can do in the future ^^

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