Saber Delusion Elegant Maid Edition (Good Smile Company)

Continuing on where we left off, it’s time for “Saber Delusion Elegant Maid Edition” by Good Smile Company to get the review treatment ^^


This figure was originally released in 2007, but the one that I have is the re-release version, which was released earlier this month. Ok…so it’s a big turn out from the evil looking “Saber Alter” to Saber in her lovely Maid uniform ^^;

This figure is part of Good Smile Company’s 3 “Maids” Fate/Hollow Ataraxia figurine. The other two are Rin and Raider, which then you can connect them all together using the “Special” base ^^ Another excellent sculpt by GSC I have to say. The paint job and details, as usual, were great. Although there isnt much details that needs to be shown, you can really feel the essence of a “Maid”~

The figure also comes with a miniature wooded chair, and the skirt is cast off-able ^^

saber 2

Anyway, let the photos do the talking~

saber 3

saber 4

saber 5

saber 6

saber 7

saber 8

saber 9

saber 10

saber 11

saber 12

saber 13

Close up~

saber 14

saber 15

saber 16

saber 17

Closer look of the uniform~

saber 18

saber 19

saber 20

saber 21

saber 22

Without the skirt~

saber 23

saber 24

saber 25

saber 26


saber 27

saber 28

saber 29

saber 30

saber 31

saber 32

saber 33

saber 34

saber 35

saber 36

saber 37

Nida‘s review will be next. Look forward to it~( ^ _ ^ )/


3 Responses to “Saber Delusion Elegant Maid Edition (Good Smile Company)”

  1. Fariz Asuka Says:

    Saber looks kawaii~~ Thanks for the great pics. ^^

  2. Optic Says:

    No matter how many maid sabers out there, I still prefer her in her battle uniform. Nice review.

    Are u collecting the whole set btw?

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx ^^

    To tell the truth, I would love to get my hand on Saber Maid by Alter, the one with the mop…but sold out everywhere!! ( > _ < )


    Thx ^^

    I’d love to collect all of them, but right now I have so many coming ^^; I need to solve my space problem 1st~XD

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