Shuraki Trinity Box #04: Nida Schuetlich (Good Smile Company) – Part 1/2

Here it is, the first figure review for the month of June, and Nida here, will take the honour to be the first one ^^


As you can see, I’ve divided the review into 2 parts, because of the photo intensive review ^^; This is the first time I actually needed more than one part to do a review. This just shows how awesome Nida is ^^

Anyway, this figure of “Shuraki Trinity Box #04: Nida Schuetlich” by Good Smile Company was released on 24th May, 2008. It was originally scheduled for March 2008 release, but was delayed for more improvements.


Just some info on the series, for those who new to this ^^; Shuraki Trinity is a figure series made in collaboration between Good Smile Company and RED Entertainment. There are 5 figures to be released based on this series, and Nida is the 4th of the character. You can visit the official site here.

Ironically, Nida is my 2nd Shuraki figure, with Akatsuki being the 1st ^^;

Each character is designed by famous character designers and each has different nationality. In Nida’s case, she’s a German and designed by the awesome Shunya Yamashita ^^ It’s probably easy to distinguish the designer, even if you don’t know who designed Nida in the first place~XD Shunya Yamashita’s trademark is probably the lips and the eye design~

To make it even spectacular, they even have JAM Project to do the theme song for the series, which you can view the PV below:

Alright, back on topic~Nida comes with interchangable uniforms between the Normal version and the Damaged version, and of course, she’s Cast Off-able ^^ She also came with two different Sniper Rifles, the big one and the small one, and also a Dagger for safe keeping ^^

nida 2

After reading all this, you know that Shuraki figure series is really special ^^ Just like previous releases of Shuraki figures, Nida comes with a 24-Page character illustration booklet called “Shuraki Secret File Vol.4: Nida” and a Drama CD. Oh, and also comes with the instruction manual for cast off.

nida 3

Nida is voiced by Chiba Saeko ^^ She’s probably more known for voicing Natsuki Kuga/Kruger from Mai Hime/Otome series. The Drama CD also featured other famous voice actresses such as Koshimizu Ami, Mizuki Nana and Chihara Minori ^^

(You can view the content of the Nida’s Illustration Booklet right here)

Anyway, what can I say, this is one awesome figure. The paint job, sculpt, everything is top notch. Even the Base Stand is well made. The wait is really worth it ^^

As mentioned before, the review is divided into 2 parts, because I took lots of photos ^^; So on with the shots!!!~

(Right click on images, and choose “Open Image” for larger Version)

nida 4

nida 5

nida 6

nida 7

nida 8

nida 9

nida 10

nida 11

nida 12

nida 13

nida 14

Close up~

nida 15

nida 16

nida 17

Closer look of the Uniform~

nida 18

nida 19

nida 20

nida 21

Base Stand~

nida 22

Closer look of the Sniper Rifle~

nida 23

nida 24

nida 25

nida 26

nida 27

nida 28

nida 29

nida 30

nida 31

To be continued to Part 2


2 Responses to “Shuraki Trinity Box #04: Nida Schuetlich (Good Smile Company) – Part 1/2”

  1. KingAyanami Says:

    Absolutely great review! Very in depth. Great photos as well. A++

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Welcome ( ^ o ^ )

    Thx!! Glad you like it ^^

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