Wonfest 2008 Winter Haul~

Just got these 2 today ^^


– Figma Izumi Konata Costume Play Ver. (Max Factory)
– Nendoroid Izumi Konata & Hiragi Kagami Fate/Stay Night Ver. (Good Smile Company)

Just want to thank Arcenciel of SGCafe for helping me getting these~ Pretty much excited right now \( ^ o ^ )/


12 Responses to “Wonfest 2008 Winter Haul~”

  1. Snacks Says:

    Wow that’s really lucky! XD Congratulations~!

    I hope I’ll be able to find those here (and at a good price)! *_*

  2. Soshi Says:

    Oooh congrats! Mine are still in transit! The family I harrassed LOL asked to help me get mine forgot to send it over. XD

  3. Soshi Says:

    OMG. The price you paid for the set is WTF!

  4. Hirito Says:

    I should have robbed you at TPY Gardens when I had the chance!! You were not around!!!

  5. Lsio Says:

    wow I want that figma Konata.. I envy you.

  6. meronpan Says:

    sugoi! omdetou! ^_^

  7. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx ^^; Yeah I was quite lucky to be able to get them. Just hope that I can do the same with this coming Wonfest2008 Summer in August~XD


    Thx ^^

    Considering the availability to get these figures, mine can’t be considered cheap I guess ^^; At current state, you might have to pay more than S$500, just to get those two ^^;

    Hopefully you’ll get yours soon!!


    Nuuuuuu T-T


    Yeah, pretty excited right now ^^;



  8. syu-chan Says:

    congrats on getting them!!! omg how much you spend on them? i am trying to get from ebay. >,<

  9. nemuiwanko Says:

    Trying to hunt them down on ebay too, I’m probably competing with syu-chan over there! But congrats on the two WF items. Take pictures soon >___<

  10. zeco Says:

    how much did you pay ? o.o

  11. Soshi Says:

    Haha, yeah I managed to get mine at the original retail prices so I’d hate to pay anything more than twice the amount for them.

    Then again, I should’ve gotten a few more and sold them for a profit >D

  12. optic Says:

    Nice. ^^
    I got mine a couple of months ago with a help from one of my mates. It wasn’t cheap but it was at a considerable price.
    My figma konata is still unopened.

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