Elwing 1/8 Scale (Kotobukiya)

I’ve decided to do “Elwing 1/8 Scale”‘s review 1st, since she’s quite easy to do a review on ^^;


Anyway, Elwing was released not long ago, atleast officially, on June 18th, 2008. To tell the truth, I can’t really keep up with Elwing’s release date~XD Originally she was scheduled for June 24th release, and then all of a sudden, I saw a post that someone already gotten her on the 12th ( > _ < ); So yeah, quite confusing ^^;

Elwing is my 2nd Kotobukiya figure and also the 1st of Kotobukiya’s Shining series figure that I have. I think Elwing is the 5th to be released from the series. My first impression of the figure is…Wow~XD I can assure you that the figure itself is much-much better than those preview images that you saw on the net. The sculpting and the paint job is amazing, and I personally like the “Wings” on her head. They’re skillfully sculpted.

elwing 2

The skirt can be casted off, and the figure also comes with her Bow.

elwing 3

Just some warning. Please be careful when handling her Bow. The Bow String is made out of a Super Thin String-Like Plastic. I almost snapped the string when taking it out of the box ( > _ < ); Also, the figure itself is already screwed to the base stand. So be careful when removing her from the box.

Anyway, let’s the photos do the talk ^^

(Right Click on Images, and choose “Open Image” for higher resolutions)

elwing 4

elwing 5

elwing 6

elwing 7

elwing 8

elwing 9

elwing 10

elwing 11

elwing 12

elwing 13

elwing 14

Close up~

elwing 15

elwing 16

elwing 17

Close up of the details~

elwing 18

elwing 19

elwing 20

elwing 21

elwing 22

Base Stand~

elwing 23

No skirt on~

elwing 24

elwing 25


elwing 26

elwing 27

elwing 28

Underskirt view ^^;~

elwing 29

elwing 30

elwing 31

elwing 32

elwing 33

elwing 34

elwing 35

elwing 36

elwing 37

elwing 38

elwing 39

elwing 40

elwing 41

elwing 42

elwing 43

elwing 44

That ends my Elwing‘s preview ^^ Hopefully Chuchu Astram is next, because she’s been long overdue ^^; Look forward to it~( ^ _ ^ )/

You can also view another great review of Elwing at Foo-Bar-Baz


12 Responses to “Elwing 1/8 Scale (Kotobukiya)”

  1. razk Says:

    wow what a sweet figure, and now i am blaming u for making me order this figure!!!

  2. najica Says:

    Nice figure & review ^^ Might i ask what camera you are using?

  3. James Says:

    Awesome fig , i need her 😦

    Great pics , you surely did a lot ^^

  4. Rokku Says:

    Cool figure, i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. optic Says:

    I agree, the detail on the wings are amazing. ^^
    Great review as always. ^^d

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome ( ^ _ ^ )

    I’ll take that as a compliment~XD


    Welcome ( ^ _ ^ )

    Thx ^^ All photos were taken using Nikon D40 ^^


    Thx ^^

    Yeah, the figure itself is much more amazing to see it in person.




    Thx ^^

    Yeah, love the wings~^^

  7. Mizunaga Says:

    Woah! The details on her wings! Fantastic!

  8. meronpan Says:

    damn that looks excellent. haven’t played/seen any of the shining stuff and yet i’m developing this urge to collect all the figures ^^;

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