Kotobukiya’s Triple Threat

3 new entries from Kotobukiya is now ready for reservations ^^


Name: Minamoto Chizuru
Scale: 1/5
Series: Kanokon
Price: 12,800 Yen
Release Date: October 2008


Name: Kizaki Emi
Scale: 1/8
Series: Line Barrels of Kurogane
Price: 5,800 Yen
Release Date: October 2008


Name: Misaka Mikoto
Scale: 1/8
Series: A Certain Magical Index
Price: 5,800 Yen
Release Date: October 2008

Hobby Search is taking reservations for all of them as of today.

Hmmm, didn’t know 4-Leaves is actually part of Kotobukiya. I was expecting the Fox form to be there also, but I guess it might be Kotobukiya’s Online store exclusives ^^; Kizaki Emi actually looks nice…might consider getting her, but we’ll see~XD As for Mikoto, not really familiar with the series, but another quality figure I have to say~( ^ _ ^ )/


3 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s Triple Threat”

  1. meronpan Says:

    damn, thinking about getting chizuru after all… soooo pricey though! i wouldn’t mind a 1/8 for 1/3 the price ^^;

  2. Panther Says:

    Are oh eff el 1/5. 12.8K Yen what the flying. So luckily, I skipped Kanokon.

  3. Americajin Says:

    My vote goes to Minamoto Chizuru…the top left shot is enough marketing genious to capture me šŸ™‚ Even if I do want to save up money for the Full Metal Alchemist latest statue you just talked about!

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