More Nendoroid Shana & Even More Nendoroid Goodness!!

More scan on the upcoming Nendoroid Shana and some other new Nendoroid related news ^^

Higher Quality

From Figure/GK

Sadly, Normal Form Shana is Dengeki Daiou magazine September 2008 exclusive mail order. Which means that you need a special coupon from the magazine to get her. As for the Flama Haze Ver., she’s scheduled for November 2008 release. Both will be retailing for 3,500 Yen. Maybe someone can help me translate the info on Flame Haze ver., if I missed anything important ^^

More on Nendoroids, as you can see from the scan, more Nendoroids is on the way, atleast 3 of them ^^

They are Nendoroid Nankyoku Sakura from Penguin Musume scheduled for November 2008, Nendoroid Exelica which I think is an exclusive item that comes with a new upcoming PS2 game (I can’t read the title >_< ), and lastly Nendoroid Ignis, which info is still unknown ^^

I’m so getting Ignis when she’s up for pre-orders~XD Sakura looks cute and Exelica is looking cool there~XD As for Shana, we can just hope
( > _ < );


12 Responses to “More Nendoroid Shana & Even More Nendoroid Goodness!!”

  1. Mizunaga Says:

    Wahh! Nendoroid Shana! T_T I want normal form Shana..

  2. Hirito Says:

    I’m….going…. bankrupt…. Stop doing this to me please!!!! Nooooooooooo…. *adds to pre-order list*

  3. Orange Says:

    Shana! Yay! I need both…! Wonder how I’ll get the normal one….

  4. nanu Says:

    +1 bankrupt

  5. nanu Says:

    Forgot to mention, you shouldn’t leech a site’s bandwidth for images unless permissible, especially for imageboards where content is volatile, since your “Higher Quality” link no longer works ;_;

  6. nanu Says:

    TRIPLE post, sorry.

    The 403 error happens because clicking the link from your site means it does not have a valid referrer; instead, you must follow to that image URL after visiting Figure/GK.

    —in any case, you could mirror it to prevent this problem ^^;

  7. andra Says:

    KYAA!~ Shana~ I’m willing to eat grass and treebarks for the rest of the year ^^

  8. sonic_ver2 Says:

    That nendoroid Shana looks nice. I guess i’ll be getting the flame haze one, since it’s nicer and easier to get.

  9. optic Says:

    Flame Haze ATW!!! ^^

  10. wcloudxkumo Says:

    I’ve fixed the link for “Higher Quality” and hosted it on other host. Should work fine now ^^

  11. Panther Says:

    Not interested in Nendo.


  12. James Says:

    I want Exelica ^^

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