More Nendoroid Exelica Info

As shown on previous scan, there will be a new Nendoroid planned for release by Good Smile Company based on Triggerheart Exelica.


Unfortunately, this is another exclusive figure.


It will only comes with the Limited Edition bundle of the upcoming new PS2 game “Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced”. The bundle itself is costing at a whoopin’ price of 13,440 Yen!! ( O _ O );


For more info and screenshots of the game, you can visit Dengeki Online. Images taken from Dengeki itself, and respectively.

Wow, look at the price. No release date yet I guess. Makes me shivers and all I want is the Nendoroid~XD


One Response to “More Nendoroid Exelica Info”

  1. meronpan Says:

    dang, you can practically get a 1/8 exelica for that price! ya figure 5k-6k for the game…leaving 7k-8k for the nendoroid?! insanity!

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