Death Sauce & Sudden Death Sauce

Saw this video today. It’s so funny I just have to post this~XD

Basically the clip is about some people who tried to taste one of the most spiciest Tobasco sauce in the world, Death Sauce and the higher level Sudden Death Sauce. Their reactions are just too amusing~XD Even the old man, who is supposed to be really good with spicy stuffs, can’t even hold a straight face~XD You can hear the word “Karai” a lot, which means Spicy ^^

Can you guys eat spicy food? I can eat spicy food, but I remember eating one that is so spicy it makes me cry~XD


One Response to “Death Sauce & Sudden Death Sauce”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I think I’ve had that before…the label looks familiar. I like spicy food but if that’s the same stuff, that was way too hot. T-T

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