New GSC’s Metal Charm Series


Good Smile Company just released a new series for its “Metal Charm” line up. This 2nd series, with Nanoha as the 1st, will be based on the Fate series under the name “Fate Metal Charm Collection” ^^


The first release from this new line up will be Saber’s Excalibur, “Fate Metal Charm Collection #01 – Excalibur”. It’s scheduled for November 2008 release for 2,800 Yen. I think GSC’s did an Advanced Sale on this during Comiket 74.

I don’t know about the Thompson Cotender gun, but maybe it’s from Fate/Zero? Not very familiar with the series’ story ^^;


Images taken from Mikatan’s Blog & Figma’s Blog. More info here



3 Responses to “New GSC’s Metal Charm Series”

  1. nanu Says:

    mildly want Excalibur, though not sure if I would ever use it on a keychain to get it all scratched up.

  2. Cido Says:

    Hi,I use google search”excalibur&GSC”then i find your blog!
    I’m a student in china and i also a otaku(maybe only myself think so).i want to communicate with foreign animation&comic&game can i make a friend with u?expect your reply

  3. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Hi, nice to meet you ^^

    Sure no problem. It’s always nice to make more friends ^^

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