Figma Shana


Not the official ones, unfortunately ^^; This is a well custom made Shana using Figma Haruhi as a base model. From 2chan.

Although it’s not official, I can see Max Factory releasing Figma Shana in the near future~ ( ^ _ ^ )/


5 Responses to “Figma Shana”

  1. sonic_ver2 Says:

    Custom made by photoshop or hand? That’s really something else.

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    By hand of course :p

    Custom made as in scratch build ^^

  3. nanu Says:

    Not bad. Do these fanatics share their knowledge on the process of building from scratch?

  4. Persocom Says:

    Whoa that is really cool. I’d buy it.

  5. lu-k Says:

    Woho niec done, she looks great 😀 would love an official one, with both black and red hair ^^

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