More Custom Figmas

I don’t know if it’s considered “Custom”, but this is probably what it will look like if Max Factory ever decided to release “Figma Kobayakawa Yutaka” and “Figma Iwasaki Minami” ^^



From Figure/GK

Btw, the above Figmas used Figma Tsukasa as base and replaced the head of those from Clayroid Puchi Lucky Star #02, but I can see Max Factory releasing the rest of Lucky Star casts in the future ( ^ _ ^ )/


3 Responses to “More Custom Figmas”

  1. optic Says:

    More characters with figma potentials.
    Can’t wait. ^^

  2. Uzumakiworld Says:

    No way! That’s really cool- I thought they released new ones for a sec. XD

    I working on finishing my Hare Hare Yukai figma set, but I want to buy the lucky star set after, when Miyuki comes out!

  3. Xena Says:

    Just love’m Soo CutE 🙂

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