Figma Taniguchi & Figma Emiri


From 2chan.

I don’t know if these are the Official ones, but they don’t really look like custom made to me. If it does, definitely a well made ones ^^;

UPDATE: Yeah, these are official~XD Images are originally taken from Figma’s Blog.

UPDATE 2: Apparently, Taniguchi‘s and Emiri‘s head will be bundled as a bonus together with the upcoming release of Figma Ryoko and Figma Tsuruya-san respectively. So there won’t be a separate release for both Taniguchi and Emiri. Thanks to Danny for the info ^^



Keep in mind that the current release and future release of the Figma Haruhi line up is the lacking of Figma Taniguchi and Figma Kimidori Emiri to complete the whole set, with the exception of Kyon’s Sister ( ^ _ ^ )

Weeeee~ More to collect~XD


2 Responses to “Figma Taniguchi & Figma Emiri”

  1. Persocom Says:

    Awesome, I already had pre-ordered those figma but now this?!? Extra bonus ftw!

  2. Snacks Says:

    Lol Taniguchi! Wawawa

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