Nendoroid-Petit Luna Preview


A preview of the upcoming figure of Nendoroid-Petit Edomae Luna from Seto no Hanayome by Good Smile Company. The figure will be bundled together as a bonus with the upcoming DVD of Seto no Hanayome OVA 2nd episode which is scheduled for January 30th, 2009 release ^^



Just like Nendoroid-Petit Seto San, which comes with the 1st DVD, looks like there will be more than 1 version of Luna ^^

From Mikatan’s Blog


2 Responses to “Nendoroid-Petit Luna Preview”

  1. Uzumakiworld Says:

    Kinda cute… I first got introduced to luna chan when I made a papercraft of her from a papercraft blog- here’s a pic:

    I guess I’m basing the nendoroid off of the papercraft, rather than the papercraft off the nendoroid though. 😛

    500 Y is not that bad for it :D(it is 500y right?)

  2. optic Says:

    GSC always curse my wallet. T_T

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