Nendoroid Raspberyl Preview


A concept art preview of the upcoming “Nendoroid Raspberyl” from Disgaea 3 by Good Smile Company, collaboration with Phat! Company. The figure is scheduled for Winter 2008 release. Exact price and date are still undecided.


Hmmm, looking forward to this~XD

Via Phat! Company


3 Responses to “Nendoroid Raspberyl Preview”

  1. sonic_ver2 Says:

    Wow, a figure from Disgaea 3 characters, that’s rare.

  2. Pus2meong Says:

    Why i feel this one would be exclusive for certain event only…?

  3. Cool Says:

    Go raspberyl!

    Sorry I HATE pink but LOVES Raspberyl!

    Well done on the designs (I really need something to base drawings on XD) I like the awesome way you just made her cutesy character (Yes a fan of Sapphire XD) Love the pics and preview


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