Alter’s Yagami Hayate Box Info


Well, we all know that Alter’s Yagami Hayate is going to be huge!!! standing at 30cm in height when displayed. So one might think, how big will her box be?

So earlier, Alter had just revealed the size of her box to retailers. This is needed so that retailers can reserve enough space for the goods when they arrived at the warehouse.

Hayate’s box is measuring at 45.5cm in length, 27.5cm in Width, and 38.5cm in height.

Wha–? Did I just said that correctly? Yep, 45 CM!!!~XD That’s what I called Big!!. I don’t know if it’s bigger than Alter’s Fate, since I don’t own one.

I ordered one myself, but now I’m having second thought because of her size. I don’t know if I have enough space to display her now~XD

From Post-chan


5 Responses to “Alter’s Yagami Hayate Box Info”

  1. optic Says:

    What the… Shat!!!!
    Shipping will cost an arm and a leg let alone the figure itself. -_-

  2. Kouji-kun Says:

    That is bigger than Alter Fate for sure. Of course, I can imagine the new StrikerS Alter Fate to be even bigger.

  3. meronpan Says:

    that’s definitely an epic box. i absolutely cannot wait to get her ^_^

  4. nyoronyolo Says:

    Fate’s box was around 40.5 x 25 x 28.5 cm.
    Can’t wait to receive mine, the pics are so gorgeous. (And I still don’t know where I will put it… I already went through hell to find a place to expose Alter’s Fate)

  5. chibihien Says:


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