Figure Advertising


So what’s the best way to advertise an upcoming figure to the public? Decorate your car Itasha style~XD



More at Akiba Blog

For those who missed it, the above mentioned is the upcoming 1/8 scale figure of Saber by Gift, scheduled for December 2008 release.


Hobby Search is still taking pre-orders for her if you are interested~ ( ^ _ ^ )


5 Responses to “Figure Advertising”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    I cant wait untils shes shipped-I wouldnt mind that car either^^

  2. Panther Says:

    What the hell? I bet one of those stickers cost like ten of her.

  3. Dancing Queen Says:

    wow, that just looks so cool. i’m still on the fence over that saber but i might just have to get her…

  4. optic Says:

    Billboards in the trains next?
    I can see it happening.

  5. fabian Says:

    I wonder what the car’s owner will do after the figure’s release. Will he buy a new car or just new sticker ads for another upcoming figure?

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