AFA2008 Exclusives


Anime Festival Asia 2008 has just updated their site earlier with the addition of news that most of us has been waiting for, the Exclusives. You can view more of the list of items Here.

To tell the truth, I kind of disappointed with the range of exclusives listed, atleast for now. So far they are geared towards Gunpla collectors and also Tokusatsu fans. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but I’m hoping, since there’s still 1 week left, they will revealed more. Maybe they won’t list all the exclusives on site, hopefully.

Come on, don’t disappoint me ( > _ < );


One Response to “AFA2008 Exclusives”

  1. ELTboy Says:

    I’m a anime figure collector, so these exclusive doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    Worst, having seem the updated AFA website, my impression is that ToysnToys are the one that will be selling Alter, GSC, Max factory related figures a.k.a. figures from their shop. (-_-“) … I had thought the companies themselves are setting up booths at the event and selling their products. AFA has been very misleading in that sense.

    And to think I had initially hope it would be something like WonFest…*lol*

    Nonetheless, I hope the event will be succesful since it is good for the anime industry. But for anime figure collector like me, it might just turn out to be a huge disappointment ….*sigh*

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