Beware Of The Fake Miku

A comparison between the Genuine Nendoroid Hatsune Miku by Good Smile Company and the Fake Nendoroid Hatsune Miku. Left is Fake and Right is Genuine. Differences include the Packaging Box and Design, Face Expression, Paint Job, and Stand.

Larger View

Via Figure/GK.

Hopefully GSC will update their Imitation page soon. Please beware on what you buy. There are tons of fakes out there ( > _ < );


20 Responses to “Beware Of The Fake Miku”

  1. Persocom Says:

    This is a pretty useful post, made me get up and check my Miku even though I got her from a trusted site.

  2. cidoes Says:

    thx,though I can distinguish them easily. in china have many fake figures and most of these figures are made in china.It has low price and poor quality.

  3. Ian Says:


  4. enish Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Bootlegs: the main reason why I don’t buy figurines online.

  5. cidoes Says:

    OK…I’m a chinese and I live in china.I have some figures and no one is fake.I always buy figures by C2C website(such as are many seller who have good credit.also on this site have many fake figures,but they will tell you the truth(for example:poor quality,product by chinese small factory,even directly say it’s a fake)
    At last,it’s a trouble thing to buy a figure in china!
    Just want to say some truth,and please forgive me poor english :p

  6. ~+~ Chai ~+~ Says:

    Aren’t there figures that are really made in China, and are original? Although mostly, those marked as “Made in China” are usually fake. Hmmm … I buy toys from local retailers who’re accredited in my country as hobby shops but now … I’m getting more and more concerned that even them, are probably selling bootleg toys by seeing this. It’s very alarming! Sheesh!

  7. optic Says:

    oh, I’m wiser now.
    This event has taught me how to become wiser and how to let out the hate. lol

  8. Grey Fox Says:

    What about other figures? All my figures from Hobby Search, HobbyLink Japan, is “made in china”. This is all fake?

  9. wcloudxkumo Says:

    What can I see of the cause of all of this also originated from the figure factory itself. The main thing is how they dispose the Molding metals after they use it ^^;

    As long as people can get their hands on those items, they can easily make the same thing just like the originals. Of course the downfall is the lack of necessary materials and equipments ^^ Which is why you can easily identify the fakes from the originals, as long as you are cautious.

    The problem is how they managed to obtain the molding metals is still a mystery. Although the only thing I could think of is an inside job, where workers actually took the unused ones and sell it for extra cash, secretly.

  10. Minaru Says:

    Wow the sad thing is I nearly could not tell the difference.

    Thanks for the heads up on this post!

  11. Stormkiller Says:

    @Grey Fox

    Goodsmille and many other figure makers have their figures made in China. Hobby Stock and Hobby Link only sell orginals. Never used Play-Asia though. If you look real close at the base of the real Miku above you can see it says “made in china”, but in smaller letters and with other info (I assume copyright stuff) printed above it. The fake only has “Made in China” and none of the other info. So more than likely your figures are originals.

  12. uinreli Says:

    I guess nobody watched all those Maxfactory videos showing their factory in China? Everything legit is made in China.

    I can’t believe people still equate “Made in China” with bootlegs.
    The only stuff that still gets manufactured in Japan these days are plastic models and garage kits.

  13. Stormkiller Says:


    Well, it’s not surprising since China does bootleg everything, including Disneyland. Makes it hard for the legit companies.

  14. Grey Fox Says:

    Arigatou minna!! I hope we all get original versions of beloved figures =)

  15. Beware Of The Fake Miku - Part Deux « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog - Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] where we left off, Good Smile Company finally updated their Imitation info page with a more detailed comparison […]

  16. minori Says:

    they even make a fake iPhone….

    yea.. they bootleg (almost) anything

  17. Jack Dominic Says:

    Crap. I’ve been fake Miku’d I actually figured it out myself but when I came to this site I was like dang…

  18. Michael Says:

    Beware of Treasure Island Sports, TISINC99, they just sold me a bootleg Miku like this. Thought they were a reputable seller till now.

  19. RobAir Corsair Extraordinaire Says:

    I got faked too. But this guy accepts returns THANK GOD.
    On the other hand I ordered a snow miku normal which has not got here yet. I foresee that it will be a fake too. If that guy doesn’t refund my money if it is a fake…I will file with paypal or ebay.
    Can you believe this? He accepts only exchanges and the item must be returned within 3 days…WHere I live in the USA and he lives in Hong Kong? I will spend more money to get it there on time than if I just kept it. I hope it is not fake. If it is Robair will get his money back. Thank goodness for this website!

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