Wave’s Konata & Kanata Full Coloured Preview


A preview scan featuring the full coloured version of the upcoming figures of “Izumi Konata & Izumi Kanata” by Wave. Unfortunately, still no price and release date. Scan is from the latest issue of Hobby Japan magazine.

From Figure/GK.

Looks promising ^^



7 Responses to “Wave’s Konata & Kanata Full Coloured Preview”

  1. optic Says:

    Very very very tempting. ^^
    If u get Konata, u gotta get Kanata as well. :3

  2. - Guide to Japan's Otaku and Popular Culture Says:

    […] Source: Wcloudxkumo […]

  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    I might skip Konata’s mom unless they come in a set in a way that is too good to give up (like Kagami and Tsukasa did). But that Konata really looks like the best one so far (not that there is much competition currently).

  4. lightosan Says:

    Im going to get both kanata looks so sweet! and the pose of konata is very good.

  5. Chappy Says:

    Ok, i am getting both. Konata is too cute and Kanata is too sweet. Can resist?

  6. Persocom Says:

    Need bigger pictures, but from this they look pretty good, depending on when they come out how much they cost and if they’re together I might get them.

  7. ~+~ Chai ~+~ Says:

    This looks really cool! They could’ve added Konata’s dad too with his camera. :p

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